Marine Equipment Class

we design and construct new boat glass and boat glass repair whatever needs fixing. We will search out or construct boat glass parts that are hard to find to build or repair any boat glass repair projects. Tailor-made boat glass repair jobs are our specialty. We design and construct exterior boat glass windshields and enclosures as well as interior boat glass such as shower doors.

Fixed windows

Fixed Boat Glass Windows are perfect for many types of vessels ranging from midsize recreational vessels to offshore work boats and even for heavy commercial and military vessels. The wide range of functionality the fixed window possesses makes it perfect for many types of applications big or small.

Sliding Windows

For the customer looking for a window with a more attractive appearance and functionality, the sliding window is a perfect choice. The sliding window is used commonly in commercial and recreational boats. The sliding window also provides maximum ventilation when open and becomes weather tight with closed, providing the best of both worlds.

Boat Windshield Repair

There are various types of boat windshields ranging from the acrylic center console windshield to the walk-thru windshield. All models of boat windshields have unique characteristics that are perfect for a particular sea vessel. The acrylic center console windshield is a standard boat windshield that can boast a stronger temperament due to its acrylic composition. The famous walk-thru windshield allows for easy access to the cockpit on larger boats.